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This following list refers to events more defined as SWAT incidents where a tactical response is required to a more serious or critical incident. The training level and proficiency level of responding officers is of the highest grade available of Metro members and is the mainstay of our training cadre. The highest performance of SWAT operators and leadership is maintained to insure the safest and most incident specific response is followed utilizing the foremost methods and tactics along with the best equipment and resources available to Metro. 

  • Attempted suicide/armed: any situation where an individual has attempted or threatens suicide and is armed with a weapon that may injure or harm others.

  • Hostage Situations: the holding of any person(s) against their will by an armed or potentially armed subject.

  • Barricaded Situations: a standoff created by an armed or potentially armed suspect in any location whether fortified or not, who is refusing to comply with police demands for surrender.

  • Sniper Situations: the firing upon citizens and/or police by an armed suspect whether stationary or mobile.

  • High-Risk Apprehensions: the arrest or apprehension of armed or potentially armed suspects where the likelihood of armed resistance is high.

  • High-Risk Warrant Service: the service of search or arrest warrants where the service matrix or policy recommends or requires the use of a Special Weapons and Tactics Team.

  • Personal Protection: the halo security of special persons, such as VIP's, dignitaries, protected witnesses, or suspects based upon threat or potential threat to the well being of those persons.

  • Active Shooters: lone or multiple suspects whose activity is immediately causing death and/or serious bodily injury and whose movement is not contained, thereby posing an immediate threat of death or serious bodily injury to potential victims.

  • Special Assignment: any assignment approved the MetroStar Control Chief based upon a high level of threat.

  • Terrorist Activity or Events: commitment of SWAT resources in the investigatory, response based, or event based actions involving terrorism against this country where the level of potential risk and/or threat is real and ongoing.

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