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Computer Crimes Unit

Norwood Police Department

137 Nahatan Street

Control Chief                                 

William G. Brooks III

Executive Officer                            

Deputy Chief Peter F. Kelly Jr.


6 Forensic Examiners

5 Computer Crime Investigators

The METROLEC Computer Crime Unit (CCU) is a dedicated, fully functional, digital forensic unit based out of the Norwood Police Department. This unit serves 47 cities and towns in Norfolk, Bristol and Plymouth counties. Our mission is to provide digital forensic analysis and digital forensic investigative assistance to those agencies operating under the umbrella of METROLEC.


It is the goal of the METROLEC Computer Crime Unit to promote public awareness to the risks and precautions related to computer related crime; to assist other law enforcement agencies with the prevention, analysis, documentation and prosecution of these crimes; and to provide an up to date, current lab for our unit members so that they may efficiently serve member agencies and the communities that they belong to.


      Cell phone, tablet, GPS, & drone forensics

      Desktop and Laptop computer forensics

      Assistance with internet investigations

      Preservation letters

      Administrative subpoenas

      Assistance with digital media search warrants and seizures

      Mobile technology services to assist other divisions such as CART

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